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Drain Relining
No compromise on sewer pipe rehabilitation

UV and infra-red lining, no dig guaranteed solutions

A technically mature, economic, environmentally sound and flexible installation process; quality checked materials and production processes; individual consultancy and support; professionally trained WRc approved installers: these are the essential factors you can expect when using our SAERTEX® fibreglass lining systems.

All drainage pipes are individual. They all have different dimensions, profiles, special requirements regarding aggressive flows and mechanical load bearing capabilities – there is a long list of local condition differences. Flexible solutions are therefore needed in order to save time and money and to ensure a long working life.

Both its excellent material characteristics and the extremely economical installation method of SAERTEX-LINERS® satisfy the highest requirements with regard to modern drain pipe rehabilitation.

One thing is certain, in most cases these days, the rehabilitation of drainage pipes no longer means that entire streets have to be paralysed for several weeks at a time due to excavation work. Major inconvenience to a large number of homes and commercial buildings can also be avoided.

Depending on its dimensions and wall thickness, SAERTEX-LINER® can be produced in lengths of up to 400m. Even a change of dimension within one pipeline or bends up to 30º can be completed without any problems. This applies to all common profiles including circular, egg-shaped, mouth-shaped and box sections. Dimensions range from DN 150 to DN 1200, with wall thicknesses from 3mm to 12mm.

Recommissioning activities can be carried out immediately after the curing process. This applies both to the liner connections within the shafts and to the re-opening of lateral connections using our unique cutting methods and techniques. This is an immediate advantage on live sewer applications, minimizing flow “stoppering” and over pumping concerns, as four hours is usually sufficient to install one liner and to put the rehabilitated pipe section back into use.




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