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Drain Camera Survey

Drain Camera Surveys are required for a variety of reasons. It may be because you are having repeat drain blockages and need to find out why this is happening. It may be because you are buying a new house which has a history of drainage problems and the surveyor requires clarification and a CCTV drainage report to see what the problems are. You may be building and require the need of a drain camera CCTV survey to find the correct existing drainage to connect your new homes to.

From as little as £120.00 Drainforce can carry out a full drainage report of your property hassle free. We use state of the art equipment with IBOS CCTV Crawlers and pear point push rod systems. We provide full paper reports in Wincan format and provide a DVD of all drainage surveys which are all in a industry approved format.

What are Drain Camera Surveys?CCTVBRIDGEND1

Your sewer and drains deteriorate over time. A lot of drainage is over a 100 years old and in need of care and attention! After time the service and structural condition of your drains deteriorate causing you problems such as Drain blockages, Drain Clogging, Drain Smells, the list goes on. The cause of this deterioration can be from a variety of reasons as time goes on, drains and sewers can deteriorate leading to possible structural problems. The cause for this deterioration can be a variety of different reasons from ground movement allowing root intrusion or simply poor construction. Once these problems arise, it is vital to know exactly where they are and what you are dealing with.

What CCTV can reveal?

Fractured pipes

Fractured pipes are large open cracks along your drain sewer pipes.

These can be caused from property subsidence, heavy vehicles driving over, building works and ground movement to or just the general wear and tear of the pipe as it ages over time. These fractures can cause sewerage to leak out and also water to leak in. (Infiltration and exfiltration) Having defects such as this attract roots to the sewer which can further worsen the pipe fractures by opening them up and blocking the pipe causing blockages and clogged drains.

Collapsed drains CCTVCARMARTHEN1

Again collapsed drains can cause a massive issue for you as your drains will be blocked. This will need to be rectified as soon as possible to avoid pollution and raw sewage flooding out in to your property. Collapses can be caused from ground movement, building works, tree roots or poorly constructed and laid drain pipes in the fist instance.

Tree roots

Tree Roots search for water and nutrients. They will find their way into your drains and sewers if the drains and sewers are leaking through cracks, fractures and broken sections. When the roots have entered the drain they spread out in mass and also tap roots. This then causes further structural issues with the sewer and also causes sewage to block and get clogged on the roots. Clearing the blockage alone will not resolve the issue. A drain camera survey will locate any roots. These can then be jetted out and a localised patch repair installed to stop the roots growing back.

Drainforce will hand in our reports in a Welsh Water approved format making full recommendations and budget costs to resolve the drainage issues hassle free.

No matter what the drainage task is, from Sewer drain blockage clearing or Cleaning, Drain CCTV Surveys or pipe lining or Pipe patching we have the correct tools and expertise to complete the works professionally for you hassle free with peace of mind for the next 70 years.

Drainforce can survey from 100mm pipes to 1500mm pipes and up-to a distance of 200m. Our Pearpoint push road camera can survey from 100mm pipes to 300mm pipes and to a distance of 150 metres in one go.

All survey footage is recorded digitally on to our hard drives and recorded onto DVD. Our Engineers are qualified to industry standards (WRC) OX19X which means they provide a valid Water Authority approved reports listing all defects in your drain. All our Surveys can be emailed to you direct from our Mobile CCTV rigs for a fast turnaround. Bounded printed copies are also provided with a DVD or whatever format you require.

Drainforce are also Welsh Water approved, so weather you need build over surveys, Home Buyers Survey Reports (To Determine the condition of the drainage in your home) or new connection surveys Drainforce are the ones to call.



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