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Blocked Sinks - Sinks Cleared from as little as £90

Drainforce provide a wide range of drainage services from CCTV surveys, sink unblocking, drain cleaning, drain repairs to domestic, commercial and industrial clients. With over 20 years experience you can be assured we will keep your sinks free flowing and beat any like for like quote.

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Blocked Sinks

Having a blocked sink can be very unpleasant. If you can do it yourself you will save money. A blocked sink is common in any household due to the amount of food waste that enters the sink through the plug hole.

The “U” bend is the most common place for a blockage to occur. This will be found at the bottom back end of the sink. The “U” Bend is designed to keep smells coming back up from the drains by keeping a constant level of water in it. The problem with this is that food particles can get caught in it.

A plunger is the most common way to clear a kitchen sink or any blocked drain for that matter. A few pumps of the plunger will usually be enough to clear the blockage in the “U” Bend.

If this does not work removal of the U Bend might be the only option. Place a bucket under the “U” bend and unscrew from each end. Take the “U” bend out and clear the blockage and reinstall the “U” bend and test to see if there are no leaks.

If your sink is draining away slowly or not draining away at all we will find the cause of the blockage. Your Sink will be operational and draining away again.

Sink Unblocking

One of our simple tools might complete the job or for a more sever blockage the use of our electro-mechanical machines. Rest assured, once we’ve found out what the problem is, our staff will have the right equipment to complete the job.




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