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Drainforce provide a wide range of drainage services from CCTV surveys, drain unblocking, drain cleaning, drain repairs to domestic, commercial and industrial clients. With over 20 years experience you can be assured we will keep your drains free flowing and beat any like for like quote.

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Blocked Drain

A blocked drain is an unpleasant situation for any household, especially with young families not being able to use the facilities for a long length of time or even worse having a situation where the drain overflows continuously into your home or garden.

From the moment you call Drainforce 01656 651010 you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that all our work comes with a guarantee and our price will not be beaten.

You want to ensure that the situation is resolved as quickly and as stress free as possible and feel safe in the knowledge that the problem does not re-occur, don’t delay call Drainforce.

We have the equipment, knowledge and qualified engineers to resolve your blocked Drain quickly and effectively so your day to day life is restored.

What are the main causes of a blocked drain?

All sorts of things go down the drain from grease and fat from cooking, silt and leaves from combined drainage systems (See additional information) sanitary towels and even nappies or other objects which have been flushed down the toilet or drain.

Tree roots can also enter your drains causing blockages, or even worse there might be a structural issue where the drain sewer pipe has collapsed, broken, displaced joints or has become deformed. (See Look See CCTV)

Eventually the drain will block! However don’t worry we can deal with any drainage issue.

What Should You Do!

Step 1 – Call Drainforce Ltd 01656 651010

If you have a blocked drain, blocked sink, blocked bath, blocked shower, blocked urinals, blocked gully, blocked gutter, blocked manhole or bad smell.

Step 2 – Clear the Blocked Drain

Before beginning our staff will ensure they introduce themselves with ID badges and explain to the customer what to expect and ensure they have all the correct clothing on such as gloves, boiler suit and glasses.

Firstly our teams will establish exactly where the blockage is located and will always try to find an empty downstream manhole to work from thus reducing the risk of causing further flooding by introducing more water upstream of the blockage. The teams will set up a safe working area around the chambers and the high pressure water jetting equipment.

Once the team are happy that the work area is safe they will begin to unblock the drain. A specialist high pressure jetting hose will be inserted into the drain and high pressure jets of water are sent into the pipe to allow effective dispersal of the blockage and cleaning of the pipe.

Once the blockage has been removed the crew will ensure unrestricted flows for at least five minutes by continuously adding high volumes of water to the drain. If for some reason, the water does not appear to be flowing freely the Engineer will recommend a CCTV survey to establish any underlying problems.

Step 3 – Find out what has caused the blockage

We can guarantee our work by looking into your drains using our Specialist Camera Equipment. We have a large range of drainage cameras from push rod camera’s to main line crawler camera systems that provide a full colour video report of your drain and sewer.

Step 4 – Rectify any defects if required

If there are any problems such as roots these can be identified and the drainage problems resolved through your insurance or direct with us. Drainforce can cut out any obstructions and reline your sewer pipes to ensure 70 years of trouble free drainage without digging up your garden or affecting your facilities. (Link to lining section of web site)




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